Helping the police identify friendly assets

Mirage™ Thermal ID film enables airborne surveillance units to identify emergency service vehicles 24hrs a day, in all weathers.

When viewed at night using thermal infrared imaging equipment, police cars with conventional roof markings are indistinguishable from civilian vehicles. Mirage™ is a thermal vehicle marking film that reflects the apparent temperature of the sky back to an observing air support unit allowing the crew to easily identify “friendly vehicles” from target or neutral vehicles. This allows timely direction of ground assets that may mean the difference between success and failure during a high tempo operation.

Thermal Roof Markings for Police Vehicles

Mirage™ is specifically recommended for the use on all UK police vehicles by the Home Office Scientific Devlopment Branch (Thermal Roof Markings for police Vehicles, vehicle roof markings update, HOSDB Publication Number 43/04) but is available for all emergency service vehicles.

QinetiQ, the leading defence, aerospace and security experts, originally developed the Mirage™ technologies and now PVL are delighted to be able to manufacture and provide a secure single source supply of this important security product having signed an exclusive licence with QinetiQ.

PVL will supply complete roof ID markings as a pre-cut kit, which can be retrospectively fitted to existing vehicles as well as new builds.

Key Benefits of Mirage™ Thermal vehicle ID film:

  • 24/7 all-weather operation.
  • Highly visible with both medium and long wave thermal infrared imaging.
  • Improved operational tempo and effectiveness.
  • Improved situational awareness.
  • Fewer resources required to successfully prosecute the operation.
  • Compatible with conventional roof marking materials and application techniques.
  • No power or vehicle modifications required.
  • Available in black (orange version in development).