PVL proudly supports the gdb Charity Challenge 2019

The annual gdb Charity Challenge invites corporate teams to compete against each other in different group tasks, to support the important work of 19 local charities.

These tasks include a heart-pounding ‘leap of faith’ where team members climb a telegraph pole and then leap across to a trapeze bar suspended in mid-air. Although all of this happens under the expert supervision of trained instructors and while securely tethered to a safety harness, it gives you some insight into the required test of nerves!

This year, the event took place at Bowles Rocks in Tunbridge Wells on Friday, 5 July. PVL was delighted to sponsor a team that included representatives from the charities that were being supported by the event. We also wanted to add to the fun and asked if our sponsorship could include a special award for the most enthusiastic team member across all the corporate teams taking part.

Neil Gardner, Marketing Manager at PVL UK (left), with some of
the PVL-sponsored ‘Charity Diamonds’ team.

Neil Gardner, Marketing Manager, attended the event and it was great to hear members of the PVL-sponsored ‘Charity Diamonds’ team explain that they really appreciated the opportunity to directly participate and meet the other corporate teams that were supporting them. We asked the instructors at Bowles to help identify who should win the PVL Award for the Most Enthusiastic Team Member and all of them were unanimous in their decision. The winner was described as “a ray of sunshine” for all the teams “supporting everyone and tackling challenges with a sense of fun”. When the time came, we were delighted to present this Award to Amber Lilly from Chestnut Tree House.

Amber Lilly from Chestnut Tree House was presented with the
PVL Award for the Most Enthusiastic Team Member.

Nick Broom, CEO, explained: “It was our pleasure to sponsor the gdb Charity Challenge 2019. It was another well-organised gdb event and our congratulations go to all the teams that took part and especially to Amber for her well-deserved individual Award. This is a date for the diary that really shouldn’t be missed. The team building experience alone is exceptional – all achieved with the added important benefit of supporting local charities with their vital work.”

For further information about the gdb Charity Challenge 2019 and to see more photographs from the event, please visit: https://www.gatwickdiamondbusiness.com/69-gdb-charity-challenge-2019.html