Nick Broom and Emily Darnell Visit Collyer’s Sixth Form College

Nick Broom and Emily Darnell paid a visit to Collyer’s Sixth Form College, to run a session on employability to the students. Two months ago the students took a psychometric test, along with deputy principal Steve Martell and employability co-ordinator Lucy Hargreaves. The test helps employers to asses an individual’s intelligence, skills and personality. Using this process, the employer is able to make a clearer choice on the individual’s employability for the role they have applied for.

Image sourced by West Sussex County Times.

Nick and Emily were invited back to explain the results of the students test, providing a detailed analysis for each student. This was part of the new employability programme setup by the college, helping students into the world of work with the help of taught sessions, workshops and inspiring talks.

What Collyer’s College had to say:

Both Nick and Emily left a lasting impact on the students and staff of Collyer’s College:

“The whole experience will be really useful when we apply for jobs. We all thought Nick and Emily were amazing.” – Sophie Childs, student.

“The session has had a really positive impact on the careers and progression programme offered at our college. What better way for our students to learn about psychometric testing than to actually complete a psychometric test and have it evaluated by experts.” Lucy Hargreaves, Employability Co-ordinator.

Nick Broom also mentioned: “The Employability class are an excellent group and the teachers have an incredible energy and drive, and even more importantly a connection with the group.”
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