High Visibility

At PVL it is all about being seen – and if you work within the blue or amber light sector then you need to be seen too. High Visibility reflective livery kits are a cost effective way of making your workforce safer as they work in hazardous areas of the road network.

Since micro-prismatic reflective materials have first been used on the UK’s emergency vehicles PVL and its staff have been at the forefront of the industry innovating a driving service to help our customers stand out and keep their workers safe. Our heritage is in reflective material supply and when the UK Police fleet started the now common “battenburg” design PVL have been providing innovative solutions to ensure what started out as quite rigid, highly reflective films were designed and cut into pre-cut kits to fit ever more curvy vehicles and stand the test of time. This involved us developing edge sealing techniques to stop dirt ingress and develop ways to support spare part replacement on a high mileage, high use fleet such as Police fleets.

As reflective material has become more common it is now used in a variety of settings including helping the UK highway sector stay safe under “chapter 8” regulations and PVL staff were instrumental in developing such guidelines and designs. Our active membership of the trade association REMA for reflective material ensures were continue to innovate in this niche sector.

Our reflective livery kits are now used all over Western Europe with many UK and European Highway and emergency users recognising that reflective kits from PVL offer a visible and hassle free way of helping them stand out.

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