The GDB Car Makeover 2018

Company overview: Gatwick Diamond Business –

Gatwick Diamond Business (GDB) is an independent body, representing and supporting local businesses for the last 60 years. Their goal is to help local business grow by holding regular networking events and providing free promotional opportunities. GDB has been supporting local businesses since 1957 and still continues to build excellent service for its community.

GDB’s Vision:
• To create opportunity locally, nationally and globally.
• To help local businesses have influence and impact.
• To ensure that the Gatwick Diamond remains the centre of excellence that it is.
• To provide an open and accessible forum and platform for local business.

GDB Awards:
The Company hosts an annual awards ceremony, bringing the community together and celebrate the achievements of world-class businesses. 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of the event, making it all the more important to celebrate.

The Brief:
The company approached us to design a wrap for their vehicle, letting us show what we do best in wrap design and the range of materials we use. PVL have worked on a range of wrap designs for the GDB car, representing either the company or the awards ceremony. Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to designing wraps for GDB and the awards, most notably our wrap in 2016 which sported a 3D Lego design. The work was proudly awarded ‘Wrap of the Year’ at the British Sign and Graphics Awards.
GDB’s brief this time round was to come up with a design that represented both the company and the awards on one car, so it could be on the car for longer. The design needed to be new, exciting and represent the company’s new look, as seen on their website. We needed to design and have the car wrapped ready to launch in January 2018, in time to promote the awards.

The outcome:
The team at PVL and Art D’signs worked hard on this enjoyable project, creating a unique and eye catching new makeover for the GDB car. We gave the car an exciting new look using a zip design to merge the Company and the awards together. This brought the car together to represent the business as a whole, allowing GDB to show off their new look for even longer! The GDB car is already on the roads, proudly showing off its exciting new makeover with a smile. Follow the car @thegdbcar on Twitter and watch it drive around in style.

2016 GDB Car, Award winner

Out with the old, in with the new. The makeover begins on The GDB Car.

Top and GDB events side, GDB Car 2018

Award side, GDB Car 2018

Front view, GDB Car 2018

The folks at GDB looking very pleased with the car’s fresh look.