Engineering Grade Fluorescent

Again widely used by the Emergency Services these high spec engineering grade fluorescent films offer enhanced daytime visibility and are a good contrast when used alternately with Red reflectives for rear chevrons. These fluorescent films offer no reflective quality at night.

3M 3480 Scotchcal Film – Traditionally the market leader – does not require edge sealing.A high gloss, composite film, offering good durability and easy removal. Available in Saturn Yellow ( 2 year life ) or Red/Orange ( up to 3 year life)

Neon NL7460 – An alternative to the above film. This product is a thinner cast vinyl construction, is easier to mould into recesses and swage lines / curvatures yet still offers the same 2 / 3 year life span

NB – Due to the nature of Fluorescent films they ‘burn’ themselves out, fading to white as they age. The manufacturers of vinyls and paint pigments have been unable to develop products that exceed the above life spans.

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