This list of links is not exhaustive, but covers the main considerations for fleet and other highway vehicle operators. Please be aware that these links are for your reference and convenience only, we are not linked in any way to any of the following organisations, and due to the nature of the organisations providing them, the hyperlinks may change without notice!

General vehicle markings guidance:

All livery on vehicles should comply with the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations & Road Traffic Act. These are quite complex and have been amended and excepted at various stages to accommodate applications in the emergency service market. The Vehicle Technology & Standards Division (VTS) deals with the amended Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989.

Alternatively, you can consult The Encyclopedia of Road Traffic Law and Practice, published by Sweet and Maxwell. This publication is continually updated and Volume 4 contains the Lighting Regulations. This publication should be available at most city libraries.

PVL Chapter 8 Guide
REMA Markings Guide and website
UN ECE104 full specification
Highways Agency
Code of Practice: Lighting and Marking for Abnormal Load Self escorting vehicles incorporating Operating guidance

There is a lot of legislation, guidelines and issues to consider. If you are in any doubt regarding any aspect of your livery requirements please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced and knowledgeable specialist staff can provide you with impartial advice and guidance as needed.