The European regulation UN ECE104 has yet to be made mandatory in the UK.

It relates to the outline marking of Heavy Goods Vehicles and Long Vehicles to improve safety / reduce road accidents.

The full details can be accessed via the hyperlink in our technical links pages.

Simply, it refers to 50mm – 55mm wide retro-reflective tape being applied to the outmost edge of the rear in Red & to the sides in Yellow / Amber.

The tape must be fitted to a minimum of 80% of the perimeter.

Special material has been developed for the purpose by the main manufacturers and is available in roll form or kits to suit a single vehicle.

Most products are self-adhesive but there is also a heat-applied product to suit curtain- sided vehicles.

Expecting the regulation to become mandatory in the UK and in the interests of road safety, many companies have already begun to apply the outlining as standard and many more will follow suit in the next few months.

We are happy to offer product on a supply only or supply & fit basis.

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