Caring For Your Livery

Vehicle Livery in Retro-reflective and Conspicuity films must be treated with care when cleaning. The following is an overview to caring for your livery, including the washing and care process that can be used on all materials; however, specific manufacturer’s guides are included at the bottom of this section.

Hand washing:
Ideally use a sponge or a soft brush with cold / warm water and soap / detergent, followed by a clean water rinse.

The use of chemicals should be avoided as they can attack the composition of these materials causing fragmentation & de-lamination.

Hard bristles will scratch the top surface of many of the films and whilst not affecting the reflectivity, will degrade the overall look of the film.

Steam cleaning:
Steam cleaners must NOT be used.

Pressure washing:
Pressure washers may be used but great care must be taken. If this is the only method available then the following guidelines should be followed:

Spray Angle – 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the livery surface – maximum 15 degree variation.
Nozzle distance – minimum 1 metre from the vehicle.
Nozzle pressure – maximum 80 bar (1000psi).
Water temperature – maximum 60 degrees centigrade
Use a wide fan pattern.

Do not attempt to remove accumulated dirt at the outer edges of any markings with aggressive use of power washing equipment as this may result in edge-lifting / top layer de-lamination

Do not use acid or solvent cleaning solutions.

Manufacturer Washing Guides
Please download these PDF’s and print for your workshop or fitter’s manuals for future reference.

3M DG3 Washing Guide
Nikkalite Washing Guide
Reflexite Washing Guide