Community first responders’ brand new vehicles

Top Gear and Renault are talking about us!

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About South Central Fleet Service

South Central Fleet Services Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust formed in 2015 to provide a dedicated fleet management and vehicle maintenance solution to the Trust.

PVL have supplied SCAS livery for over 10 years from their RRV’s (Rapid Response Vehicle), Ambulance’s and Community First Responder vehicles.

What we supplied

  • Community First Responders’ Dacia Dusters livery with SCAS branding, also adhering to NHS branding guidelines
  • Fitting service

The commission

PVL were approached by Gregory Edwards, Vehicle Commisioning Unit Manager at South Central Fleet Services, to supply livery for the new Community First Response vehicles (CFR) – forty Dacia Dusters.

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The approach

We attended a meeting at Renault to discuss additional design ideas. It was a very involved design process to ensure that we met NHS guidelines.

We first supplied one set of livery to their prototype vehicle, after a small adjustment to the front wing, it was perfect. Forty more were ordered.

We designed livery kitted out to the Trust’s exact specifications for the 4×2 and the 4×4 model with variations tailored on the different versions of the vehicle – some had blind spot sensors and the 4×4 model has a different petrol cap to the 4×2.

The result

The customer is extremely happy with the product and the service we delivered.

The Community First Responders volunteers are an incredible valuable resource for local communities, trained and deployed by SCAS, CFRs are sent to category 1 emergency calls such as cardiac arrest, heart attack, breathing difficulties and strokes. In most cases they can reach a patient before the first ambulance crew arrives and can start life-saving treatment for the patient.

As important as having the right vehicle is, you also need to ensure that it is highly visible on the road – day time and night time. This is where we come into play. At PVL we are dedicated specialists in production reflective livery and we currently supply over 55% of all UK Police force vehicle markings and the 50% of the ambulance market.

The testimony

We would like to thank the whole team at PVL for their continued support, professionalism and dedication in the supply and fitment of livery to SCAS Trust Ambulances, Rapid response vehicles and recently our new fleet of Community First Responder vehicles.

Gregory Edwards, Vehicle Commissioning Unit Manager at South Central Fleet Services


We are proud of this work which has been featured on Top Gear Magazine, on Dacia’s website, on Renault’s Twitter and on SCAS’s Twitter!