Police With Pride GMP

We were approached by Greater Manchester Police to produce a magnetic battenburg kit for a Hyundai I30 in rainbow themed livery. They wanted to reach out to the region’s gay and lesbian community and form part of a drive to tackle the under-reporting of hate crimes in the gay community. The eye catching design is based on the iconic rainbow flag which symbolises Gay Pride.

The patrol car will lead Manchester’s Pride parade in August before being put into operation in suburban areas to raise awareness of homophobic crime.  It will not be used to attend hate crimes but is to encourage more people to report incidents.

We submitted visuals to GMP for approval and once we were given the go ahead the kit was produced in 3M material on magnetic backing for some parts.

We had to ensure the rainbow colours were accurate, as the specific colours signify:

  • red: life
  • orange: healing
  • yellow: sunlight
  • green: calmness/nature
  • blue: serenity/harmony
  • lilac: the spirit

You definitely won’t miss this police patrol car if you see it!