Our Approach to Vehicle Livery Production

At PVL we take a careful and considered approach to our livery production ensuring that the most appropriate materials are used for the application (and that lighting regulations and other relevant guidelines are adhered to as closely as possible).

For ongoing livery provision, we:

  • Listen to our clients and work with them to create a set of preferences for every element, from livery and design requirements to packaging and invoicing.
  • Help to design livery from an initial brief, balancing aesthetics with the needs of production and ultimately the durability of the finished kit.
  • Produce accurate templates from actual vehicles and then digitise them to create accurate references for our computerised cutting devices.
  • Assign unique references to each of our kits and to each individual order to ensure traceability and repeatability.
  • Supply each kit with identifier labels, providing a long-term reference point for replacement part procurement and original supplier identification.

In summary, we provide the total package at a competitive price with excellent service.